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Snack Bars

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Snack Bars

Snack Bars

What is the function of snack bar?

Our extensive selection of natural and organic snack bars have been made from the finest fruits, Nuts, and/or cereal grains so that they provide your Body with the essential VitaminsMinerals and Other Nutrients it needs to keep on going throughout your busy day.

What snack bars are vegan?

The majority of our snack bars (below) are suitable for vegans, however we would recommend to always check each products individual ingredients before completing your purchase.

Are protein bars considered snacks?

Yes, especially by those who lead physically demanding lifestyles or who are involved in regular sporting activities. Our Protein Snacks page has a large selection of protein bars.

What is the most popular snack bar?

Soft and chewy Nakd bars are a popular option here at Natures Healthbox, as are Nairn's Gluten Free Apple & Cinnamon Oat Bars - Pack of 20 (read more about these in our Outside the Box - Wheat Free Football? blog). And for your children, you may wish to consider Goal Power bars which are made by The Protein Ball Company (read more about these in our Outside the Box - Why do Soccer players need protein? blog).