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Protein Snacks

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Protein Snacks

Protein Snacks

What is a good snack for protein?

Our superb range of protein snacks (below) feature brands such as Clif Bar, The Protein Ball Company and Raw Bite, which all pack a powerful protein punch.

Why Should I Buy A Protein Snack?

We don't all have the time to cook chicken and prepare rice for the day, many of us are in a rush and need a high protein snack that can be eaten on the go and has a relatively long expiry date. This is where protein snacks really provide value. However, it's not just for people on the go, many have a high level of protein they're targeting to reach their macro nutrient goals. If you need a high level of protein, sometimes just eating chicken and drinking milk won't do, if you plan on keeping your sanity, therefore these high protein snacks really offer a tasty alternative.

Why Are Macro Nutrient Targets Important?

Regardless of which sport you're into, whether that's martial arts or bodybuilding or simply trying to cut back on your calories, it is important to count your daily macro nutrient consumption. This involves fats, carbohydrates and proteins, however we also recommend looking further into carbohydrates and recording the amount of sugar you have per day, to make sure you're not going too high.

What types of protein snacks are available?

This depends on the brands we're pushing at the time, as we have a wide range of products from a variety of brands. Some may disappear off the website if they're less popular, while some new exciting products may pop up over time, so it's worth having an occasional check to see what's new. We offer a variety of types of foods, from protein balls to bars and flapjacks.