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What are condiments?

A condiment is something such as a sauce that is added to some foods to impart a particular flavour, enhance its flavour or in some cultures to complement the dish. 

Is Mayo a condiment?

Yes, absolutely! And if it's mayonnaise you're after then why not try Dr Will's Classic Mayonnaise 240g, Plamil Egg Free Mayonnaise 315g or Simply Delicious Organic Garlic Mayonnaise 300g.

What are the most popular condiments?

Here in the UK, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard are clearly the most popular condiments.

Is salt a condiment or a seasoning?

While salt is a popular worldwide seasoning, there are those that say it actually falls into both categories.

What condiments are gluten free and dairy free?

Many of our mayonnaise, mustard and vinegar products are just a few examples in the range below that are suitable for those following wheat, dairy or Gluten Free diets.