Coconut Syrup

Where can I buy coconut syrup?

If you're wondering where to buy coconut syrup then you've come to the right place! Buy coconut syrup online at Natures Healthbox and discover a world of totally tropical, natural sweeteners!

What is coconut syrup?

Coconut syrup is made from the nectar of the flowers that grow upon the coconut palm.

What is coconut syrup used for?

Coconut syrup can be used however you wish. Why not try it on your favourite desserts or stirred into your preferred Hot Beverages.

What does coconut syrup taste like?

Many people say that coconut syrup has a similar rich and caramel-like flavour to that of Maple Syrup.

Is coconut syrup sweet?

Coconut syrup is produced with minimal processing, so it's naturally sweet.

Is coconut blossom syrup healthy?

Coconut syrup is a 100% natural and unrefined sweetener that contains all the micronutrients found in coconut nectar. It's full of antioxidants too, and contains seventeen different Amino Acids. And while Maple syrup still remains as the best option for those with diabetes, coconut syrup's calories & glycaemic index are very similar to Maple syrup which makes it a close second when it comes to diabetic friendly sweeteners.

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