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Buy honey online UK

Whether you’re looking to buy the finest pure raw & organic honey, or looking to utilise the medicinal qualities of high quality Manuka Honey, Natures Healthbox have you covered. 

Simply choose from our extensive selection of 100% pure, natural, ethical and organic honey products below, and click to buy!

What does the FDA classify honey as?

The FDA (The US Food & Drug Administration) states that honey is “a thick, sweet, syrupy food source made by bees from the nectar of flowers”.

Which country has the best honey?

The UK, Spain, Turkey, Mexico and the United States of America are just five examples of countries that are thought to make the very best honey.

Is honey good for you? 

You should always remember that honey should only be consumed in moderation, however with that said there is no doubting the many health benefits that honey has been linked to, which include wound healing and improved Heart Health to name but a few.

Is Honey safe to use?

For the majority of people, honey is safe for consumption. In some extremely rare cases however, honey may encourage asthmatic symptoms, nausea, dizziness or vomiting.

How do I use Honey?

You can use honey to sweeten Hot Beverages, home-made cakes, pretzels or to glaze your Sunday roast with.

How do you eat bread with honey?

Most people simply choose to toast their slice of Bread in the morning and spread a thin layer of honey over it.