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Chai Latte

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Chai Latte

Create your very own perfect barista experience at home, with our selection of Chai latte products.

What is a Chai latte?


It is a combination of hot milk and Black Tea. It is much sweeter than regular Chai tea as it is often served with additional spices and various toppings.

When did chai latte become popular?


Chai has been around for centuries and can be traced back to its use as an ancient Ayurvedic healing beverage. The evolution from a simple black tea to what it is today began to gain momentum in the late 1960's, as Chai consumption around the world vastly increased. The reinvention of Chai took off in the mid 1990s, when more & more  cafés and Coffee shops got brave with their choice of recipes. One particular chain of coffee shop well and truly reached for the stars in their pursuit of the perfect Chai latte conjunction, charging more than a buck for what would go on to become a popular hot beverage in today's modern world.

Is there coffee in a chai latte?


It's hot. It's fragrant. It's milky and gently spiced. No wonder it features heavily in cafés and coffee shops across the UK. However, believe it or not this particular latte contains no coffee whatsoever!

Are chai lattes healthy?


This all depends on how it is prepared, however there is no underestimating the antioxidant powers of Chai, which scavenge harmful free radicals from within the body.