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Flavoured Water

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Flavoured Water

Flavoured Water

Shop our selection of flavoured waters, which are ideal for those who like their Mineral Water with an extra bit of a kick. With unique natural flavours, sweeteners, or in some cases a little bit of CBD, we have a flavoured water for everyone!

Does flavoured water hydrate you?

Yes! Flavoured waters can still hydrate you in just the same ways as regular water.

Is drinking flavoured water the same as drinking water?

While drinking water is still the most healthiest option, a flavoured water alternative is certainly ideal for those who find the regular consumption of tap water boring. Because after all, whether it's carbonated or non-carbonated, a flavoured water is better than no water at all!

What kind of flavoured water is good for you?

If you're looking to experiment with making your own flavoured waters you may wish to consider adding a Lemon, cucumber or Mint leaves for a little bit of extra freshness.

What is the best drink to hydrate you?

Water remains the number one choice for total hydration, however if water or flavoured water just isn't tickling your taste buds right now, consider TeaCold Tea or Orange juice.