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    Woobamboo - Planet Friendly Dental Products

    Woobamboo is the world's first certified plastic negative oral care brand. Their selection of unique oral care products encompasses eco-friendly products ranging from the WooBamboo Standard Super Soft Toothbrush, naturally derived WooBamboo Fluoride Free Adult Vanilla Mint Toothpaste 113g, and so much more. 

    Who are Woobamboo?

    As a start-up company run by guys, Woobamboo, have always set out to be part of the solution, and not the pollution. With all the different materials out there, though, why do they choose bamboo? Believe it or not, there are several reasons. But to put it simply, there’s virtually nothing that bamboo can’t do, and it does it far more safely than other materials at the same time. Manufacturers who want to do their part to help the environment and offer consumers products they can feel good about commonly rely on bamboo for creating virtually everything imaginable. So whether it’s a toothbrush or an interdental pick, bamboo is flexible, versatile, and good for the environment in general.

    What do they produce?

    A unique range of Dental Care products, which are helping to reverse the world’s plastic pollution problem. Every sale of every Woobamboo product contributes to funding the removal of plastic waste from high risk environments and waterways all over the planet. And while these products aren’t necessarily going to save the world, they do serve as a daily reminder that we can all make one small decision toward a cleaner planet and greener future.

    Are bamboo toothbrushes ethical?

    So far, well over 6 million plastic toothbrushes have been replaced with bamoo alternatives, and like so many, Woobamboo's have been in circulation for nearly a decade now. These toothbrushes are sourced from FSC Certified forests, coated in a vegan-friendly wax, and use the highest quality dental-grade bristles, free of harmful dyes. They even comes in kids sizes too (see WooBamboo Kids Super Soft Bamboo Toothbrush), and feature smaller ergonomic handles that fit more comfortably in their tiny hands. Taper-tipped bristles work like floss and get down between teeth for a good deep clean.

    Who should use Woobamboo?

    As people of the world, it’s up to us to make the small steps toward change. We vote with our wallets, as every pound you spend is a vote cast toward how you want the world to be. So if you're committed to being Plastic, Negative or are concerned with the environment altogether, this range of products (below) makes that vote not only easy, but altogether beneficial.

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