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    27 products

    Down to Earth Goodness.

    Whole Earth was founded on the belief that delicious-tasting, organic and 100% natural food should be available to everyone. That is why their award-winning Peanut, seed and Mixed Nut Butters, beautiful baked beans, thirst-quenching Drinks, and couldn’t-be-crunchier cereals and Coffee alternatives offer you the whole earth and nothing but the whole earth. Just the way nature intended.

    Founded in 1967 by brothers Craig and Gregory Sams, Whole Earth's ethos is to bring natural foods to consumers who believe in "better for body and planet".

    Is Whole Earth free from genetically modified ingredients?

    Yes! The entire Whole Earth product range is GM free. Genetic modification of any ingredient is totally prohibited under organic regulations and strict controls on the ingredient supply to ensure that they do not turn up in organic food.

    Are Whole Earth products free from trans fats / hydrogenated oil?

    Yes! Whole Earth does not use trans fats (also referred to as HVO’s. hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils) in any of their products.

    Is the Whole Earth Peanut Butter range suitable for vegans & vegetarians?

    Yes! All Whole Earth Peanut Butters and 3 Nut Butter 227g can be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians.

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