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    166 products

    Weleda: 100% Natural, Wild Crafted Beauty.

    Weleda is a pioneer and a world-leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics and anthroposophical medicines which promote healing, Vitality and healthy well-being. Weleda's vast array of plant and flower based Skin Care, natural cosmetics, homeopathic treatments and skin Cleansers feature over 1000 raw materials that are sustainably and ethically farmed. When you choose to care for your skin with Weleda's plant-based preparations, you experience a vitality that only nature can bring.

    Weleda: For Face.

    Weleda understand that healthy skin should be balanced with differing needs dependant upon age and not Skin type. This is why the active ingredients found within their entire facial skincare range are supported with a selection of exceptionally mild cleansing systems, suitable for all skin types. Using a unique 'Lead Plant Philosophy' Weleda have created two award-winning specialist skincare ranges - Almond Sensitive Skincare and the Aknedoron Natural Cleansing System.

    Weleda: For Body.

    Weleda have a full selection of body care products that are designed to work holistically to help maintain your general wellbeing. From therapeutic bath milks, to bath oils and lotions, Weleda offer something to suit all skin types through each phase of your life.

    Weleda: For Health.

    Alongside a first aid range for minor injuries, Weleda also offer a wide range of natural remedies to assist common ailments such as Digestion, Stress, Hay Fever, skin problems, common coughs and colds and muscular aches and pains.

    Why Choose Weleda Skin Care?

    Since 1921, Weleda has pioneered the use of wild-crafted (from wild plants), organic and biodynamic farming principles in all of their certified natural personal care products whenever possible to promote harmony and health. Weleda believe the closer we are all to nature, the more our bodies work in harmony.

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