The Vitco Patches

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    2 products

    The VitCo Patches - Delivering vitamins & nutrients in a convenient way.

    The VitCo Vitamin Patches are an in essence an adhesive patch, which work like a traditional healing and nutrition supplement to complement a health and wellness programme.

    Who are the VitCo?

    TheVitCo inspire healthier communities by offering a range of products that deliver Vitamins and Minerals in a more convenient way. Their staple product patches redefine the delivery system for healing and wellness nutrients to improve the lifestyle of everyday people, everyday.


    Who is their target audience?

    These patches are marketed towards sportsmen and women to help boost their focus and fitness, as well as to aid the concentration of others involved in academics.

    How do vitamin patches work?

    TheVitCo Vitamin Patches are scientifically formulated so that the vitamins are absorbed through your skin and straight into the bloodstream via the blood vessels. A medical adhesive ensures that the patch stays on throughout your day comfortably with minimal to no irritation. The suggested areas of application for these patches are in areas with little to no hair, such as the shoulders, back or hips.

    What size is each patch?

    Each VitCo Vitamin Patch is 75mm x 57mm.

    How long do you wear vitamin patches?

    There is no time limit on the usage of TheVitCo Vitamin Patches. For best results, apply them daily.

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