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    The Protein Ball Company: The All-Round Protein Snack.

    The Protein Ball Company are creators of the most delicious all-natural high Protein balls, which combine delicious natural flavours with wholefood Ingredients. The result is a contemporary, all-natural protein Snack that is Gluten Free, wheat free and contains no soy or GMO’s.

    Stacked Snacks Since 2015...

    Established in 2015 in Shoreham, West Sussex, The Protein Ball Company have been producing protein-packed treats ever since. Being 100% natural, these lovingly stacked snacks are sure to power your gains and support your post-workout with a combination of vegan, whey and paleo protein balls in a unique range of flavours:

    As you can see from the above selection, some of The Protein Ball Company range may have a little 'naughtiness' in them like Chocolate or Nuts, however all ingredients are clearly marked on the bright colourful packaging. Nothing The Protein Ball Company make contains anything they wouldn't want to eat themselves, so all you need to do is simply decide whether to get munching or not.

    Full Of Natural, Raw, Protein-Packed Goodness...

    The entire Protein Ball Company range provides a convenient on-the-go snack with the right ingredients that your Body requires to recover quickly. By combining the nutritional benefits of high protein (20g) into these great-tasting balls, this makes The Protein Ball Company range ideal for health conscious, fitness enthusiasts.

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