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    23 products

    What are Tampons?

    Like Pads & Panty Liners, Tampons are a Feminine Hygiene product designed to absorb a woman's menstrual flow, or blood, before it has a chance to leave the Body

    When can women start using tampons?

    Women can start using Tampons as soon as they have a period. For a first period, it is advised to try using a pad first to see if the menstrual flow is light of heavy. A decision can then be made, for period protection, depending on the particular cycle and/or activities of the woman in question.

    What types of tampons do you stock?

    At Natures Healthbox we offer an extensive selection of only the finest natural and organic Tampons, from some of today's best loved brands. These include Natracare, Organyc, and Here We Flo.

    Why don't you stock the regular brands of tampons?

    The harmful ingredients found in conventional tampons include chlorine, dioxins, and a popular herbicide; glyphosate. However as Tampons are classified as medical devices, the companies who make those 'regular brands' aren’t required to disclose a complete list of the ingredients within them.

    Why should I switch to one of the natural & organic tampons, below?

    Both Natural Tampons and Organic Tampons are free of synthetic elements and potentially-harmful ingredients that will not increase the risk of a bacterial infection. They also carry a much lower risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) too!

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