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    Sunwarrior UK: Feed your Go!

    Our bodies crave real Food, especially in this age where we heavily process everything we eat, stripping out all the benefits and nutrition well before we have a chance to use them. With our range of Sunwarrior products you can turn back to nature for what you're missing out on. Powered by the wonderful plants that capture solar Energy in a near magical way, Sunwarrior can help to transform your body and our planet!

    Is sunwarrior a protein?

    Yes! Sunwarrior is a range of organic, plant-based protein products.

    I'm not vegan. Can I use Sunwarrior?

    Yes! Sunwarrior is perfect for anyone and any lifestyle, not just vegans.

    Is Sunwarrior gluten free?

    Yes! Sunwarrior is completely Gluten Free.

    Is sunwarrior protein safe?

    Yes! Sunwarrior protein is clean and free of GMOs, radiation, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives, artificial colours, soy, yeast, wheat, and added sugars.

    Is sunwarrior a good brand?

    Sunwarrior is a premier all natural, raw, superfood company, dedicated to providing the best vegan plant-based protein powders and Supplements. Their mission is to "illuminate the body, mind, and planet" and it is a slogan that drives everything they do when creating their smooth, great tasting vegan protein powder and vegetarian protein powders. 

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