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    The Highly Effective & Totally Natural Sunscreen


    Sol de Ibiza has created a minimalist Sun Care range that provides you with all you need to protect yourself from the sun. No more, no less. So you can get on with what's really important to you.

    What makes Sol De Ibiza stand out?


    They are an industry pioneer on a mission to stop the growth of skin cancer and save our skin, the sea and the reef from chemicals. They have created a sunscreen with certified natural and organic ingredients only. Aloe Vera from Casita Verda is their signature ingredient. Their products are 100% natural origin, and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

    How did the Sol De Ibiza brand start?


    Alessandro Mancini co-founded the brand, having been inspired to set it up for his love of the ocean. Alessandro relocated to Ibiza at a young age and soon became aware of the impact traditional sunscreen formulas were having on the local environment, particularly during the summer holiday season. His Australian born wife had grown up in a country with much more awareness about skin problems than many, but it was a friend of Alessandro's who first approached him with the idea of launching this natural sunscreen brand. Suffice to say, Alessandro jumped at the opportunity and he and his friend began harnessing the powers of incredible natural ingredients, such as Aloe vera, which was sourced locally from Ibiza’s Casita Verde. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Who can use their products?


    Sol De Ibiza offers broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection for you and your entire family, using non-nano Zinc oxide as a filter. They are suitable for use on even the most sensitive of Skin types too.

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