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    218 products


    Gently cleanse and safely nourish your Skin and Hands with the Natures Healthbox range of natural soap products, which are designed to suit all ages, all skin types and leave you feeling clean & glowing!

    What defines a soap?

    A soap is a substance used with water for washing and cleaning made of a compound of natural oils or fats – typically having colour and perfume added

    What does natural soap mean?

    A natural soap (like those you see below) differ to regular soaps because it is only derived from plants and Essential Oils.

    Are natural soaps better?

    Yes absolutely! Natural and organic soaps are simply better for your skin because, unlike the mainstream soap brands, they do not contain harsh dyes, synthetic fragrances, dangerous preservatives and petroleum-based lathering agents.

    Why should I use a natural soap?

    In today's world of conscious consumers, more and more people are ditching regular soaps with harsh chemicals for natural soaps that don't dry out or irritate the skin. Natural soaps have less of an environmental impact too, because the ingredients used in them break down easily and cause fewer issues when you wash them away down your bathroom plugholes.

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