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    What is colloidal silver?

    Colloidal silver is made up of tiny silver particles in a liquid colloidal silver spray, like the ones you see below. These spray's are often touted for their antibacterial properties, which may act as a topical wound dressing and speed up the healing process.

    So is colloidal silver a disinfectant?

    It appears so! Colloidal silver is thought to have broad antiseptic and antibacterial effects when applied to wounds.

    Can I use Colloidal Silver for acne?

    While it is not advised to use colloidal silvedirectly upon your Face, its antibacterial properties may help with Skin conditions like Acne.

    How does colloidal silver work in the body?

    At the time of writing it was not known how exactly colloidal silver works within our bodies. Studies indicate that it sticks to the proteins on the cell walls of bacteria and disrupts them.

    How long does colloidal silver last?

    Depending on what colloidal silver product you choose, most products have a shelf life of between 6-12 months.

    Can you take colloidal silver with amoxicillin?

    Colloidal silver may disrupt the way in which amoxicillin works, so it is recommended that you seek appropriate medical consultation before considering using these two types of medicines together.

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