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    Best Natural Shampoo UK

    What is the best shampoo?

    These days there are so many shampoos available on the market, that choosing the right one for your Hair can become quite the struggle. Identifying the best shampoo for your hair really depends on what kind of hair you have in the first place, and once you've established that you will most likely want to know what ingredients they have, which may pose harm to both you & our planet.

    Let Natures Healthbox take the strain out of your shampoo selection woes, for our range of all natural shampoos feature Earth & scalp friendly ingredients, which can be used on all types of hair.

    What shampoos are harmful?

    Did you know that many conventional shampoos contain parabens, sulphates, dimethicone, colours and synthetic fragrances, which not only threaten our environment (when you wash them away down your plughole) but may also cause severe damage to your hair & scalp too!

    How often should you wash your hair?

    When it comes to washing your hair, there is no blanket recommendation, however most people do it every other day or every 2-3 days.

    What are the healthiest shampoos?

    Our range of shampoos do not contain harsh chemicals that may strip your hair of all its natural oils, so whatever you choose they are all healthier than the regular shampoo brands.

    What is the best shampoo for hair loss?

    You may wish to consider Andalou Naturals Thinning Hair Treatment Age Defying Shampoo 340ml, which unblocks follicles, removes toxins & excess sebum, and reduces the inflammatory bacteria that contributes to hair loss.

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