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    Natural Scar Healing Products 

    Shop our natural & organic scar products and discover a range of scarring treatments.

    What is scarring in the body?

    Scarring occurs on the skin after a wound or injury. It is a natural part of the healing process, which sees a build-up of collagen at the wound area that helps to heal & strengthen it. 

    What is best to treat scarring?

    Once the healing process is complete, some individuals choose to try and minimise the appearance of the scar and make it less noticeable. A natural alternative may prove to be the best way to treat scars, as they only contain ingredients that nourish the sight of the injury, not aggravate it.

    What natural product is good for scars?

    Some of the best natural alternatives for scarring include products that feature the active ingredients of Aloe Vera or the oils of black seed & Rosehip.

    Can honey remove scars?

    Manuka Honey may be useful in treating scars and burns.

    What reduces the appearance of scars?

    You may wish to consider Balmonds Rosehip Scar Oil 50ml, which is suitable for use on scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tones.

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