Raw Protein

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    13 products

    Our selection of Raw Protein Powders have been made of all-natural plant-based ingredients. They are similar to those regular whey protein concentrates out there but are 100% organic (unless otherwise stated), and neither additives nor artificial flavours are added into them.

    Is it good to have raw protein?


    If you are looking for a natural, healthier balance of pure protein with nutritional advantages, a plant-based protein powder is equally effective as the regular whey-based types for promoting muscle hypertrophy. Raw protein maintains many more nutritional benefits too, including Amino Acids, Vitamins, fats and fibre, which are usually removed during the concentration process of commercial protein powders.

    How do you take raw protein?


    Realistically, you should look to mix one scoop of your preferred raw protein powder with 200ml of cold water, dairy milk or plant-based Milk Alternatives. Blend for approximately sixty seconds for a thick and creamy shake. 

    Can you eat protein powder raw?


    There aren't any major risks to consuming a protein powder directly from the packaging, however there is the potential you could choke or cough and irritate your airways. These easy-to-use products (above) have been designed to be tossed into your blender with other ingredients to make a filling, plant-based protein smoothie.

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