Raw Coconut

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    If you're wondering where to buy raw coconut then you've come to the right place. For Natures Healthbox have some of the best raw coconut products from some of the biggest brands within the natural market.

    Can you eat raw coconut?

    Yes! You may wish to consume raw coconut in strips, with fruit or yoghurt, or mixed with a variety of other raw foods.

    Is eating raw coconut good for you?

    Raw coconut (or coconut meat) is the rich, white lining found within the shell of the Coconut. It should be a staple ingredient in the Food cupboard of anyone on a raw food diet, which can be grated onto Cereals or salads, as it is full of dietary fibre and heart healthy MCTs (Medium chain triglycerides).

    Is eating raw coconut good for weight loss?

    It might be! The aforementioned MCTs in raw coconut are thought to lower appetite, increase energy and maintain healthy Cholesterol levels.

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