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    Eco Friendly Furniture Polish UK

    Natures Healthbox has a range of environmentally friendly furniture polish, which are all free from those harsh, corrosive chemicals that are often found in more conventional brands of polish. Suitable for polishing all sorts of different surfaces, these non-toxic polishes (below) will never leave any harmful eroding residues upon your furniture.

    Does furniture polish attract dust?

    Delphis Eco Multi Surface Polish 700ml contains anti-static agents to pick up dust and cleansers to clean without smearing.

    What can I use for a natural wood polish?

    We recommend Method Almond Touch Wood Polish 354ml.

    Is wood polish environmentally friendly?

    Yes! Method Almond Touch Wood Polish is a naturally derived & biodegradable product that works for you and for the planet. So when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning, it is never a chore.

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