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    Phosphorus Supplement UK

    Buy from the very best phosphate supplements at Natures Healthbox, which are available as phosphorus tablets and phosphorus capsules.

    What is the main function of phosphorus?

    Phosphorus is the second most prolific mineral in the Body after Calcium, with approximately 85% of Phosphorus found in the bones. The body requires phosphorus for various functions, which include the movement of muscles, Energy production, filtering waste and for the general maintenance of the cells and tissues. A noticeable reduction in phosphorus levels can often be attributed to certain medications (such as antacids) or particular health conditions, like alcoholism or diabetes.

    What types of food are high in phosphorus?

    Good dietary sources of phosphorus can be found in dairy products, meat & poultry, Fish, eggs, beans and Nuts & Seeds.

    What are phosphorus pills for?

    Phosphorus tablets, such as Weleda Phosphorus 30C Tablets, are ideal for active or acute over the counter (OTC) use. They may contribute to an improvement of headaches, the condition of your Hair or to a Cough & Sore Throat.

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