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    29 products

    Pharma Nord UK: Pioneers in Nutritional Vitamin & Supplement Healthcare.

    Pharma Nord is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of dietary supplements and preventative nutrition. The company develops, manufactures, and markets dietary Supplements and natural medicines with emphasis on bioavailability, safety and documentation. Pharma Noord's extensive range includes supplements such as Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D 3, omega-3 fish oils, Glucosamine, sea buckthorn oil, Multivitamins and Probiotics.

    Where is Pharma Nord produced?

    Pharma Nord's production and storage facilities are located in Vojens, just  ifty kilometers from the Danish-German border. All products comply with Pharma Nord's extensive demands to quality, safety and documentation.

    Pharma Nord's products are currently retailed in more than forty-five countries. Approximately 85% of the company's products are registered as medical drugs of some kind in one or several countries. This is the reason why all products without exception are manufactured in accordance with the current GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice).

    Why should I choose Pharma Nord?

    Pharma Nord have been supplying pharmaceutical quality Vitamins and dietary supplements to consumers, health food shops, pharmacies, hospitals and practitioners for over twenty years. Their large selection of products make it easy to boost your health by supplementing your diet with preparations of superior quality.

    Over the years, Pharma Nord has received a number of honorary awards from branch and retail organisations on the different markets. Most recently, Pharma Nord received the following awards:

    • Product of the Year.
    • Most informative campaign.
    • Oeuvre Award (Lifetime Achievement Award).
    • Superbrand of the Year on the B2C market (nominated).
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