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    Nutrigen: Keeping Children Healthy.

    Nutrigen is an extensive selection of foods (Nutrifoods) and flexible fomulations (Nutrigenomics) for children, which provide them with all the necessary Vitamins and Minerals they need to cope with today's challenges, and those that have yet to come.

    Whats the difference between Nutrifoods & Nutrigenomics?

    Nutrifoods are made up of a wide variety of high-fibre Drinks & Beverages, smoothies and healthy puddings from Nutrigen. Each Nutrifood product is sugar free and enriched with micronutrients and phytonutrients, which promote good health and a healthy weight.

    Nutrigenomics is the brand name of Nutrigen's personalised nutritional Supplements for kids. All the necessary vitamins and minerals that your child requires can be found within the Nutrigenomics range of Syrups, sprinkles and beverages.

    Can I trust Nutrigen?

    Nutrigen acts according to scientific results, and all of their products have been specifically formulated to meet a well-documented need where optimum benefits have been identified to help children in building their future life. When scientific evidence supports new ingredients that can help your chilld, Nutrigen's overall flexible approach to product production allows them to promptly create new fomula's, or simply adjust those already on sale.

    Why should I choose Nutrigen over the other brands?

    Nutrigen keeps your child healthy, increases their mental capacity, and improves their future economic value. Their focus is ‘Future Health’ and the potential health challenges of tomorrow, such as exotic viruses, environmental toxins, and social & economic challenges like Stress and unemployment. Our adults of tomorrow will need to perfectly maintain all of these factors one day, so Nutrigen has been created to set them on the right path, today!

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