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    NutraTea: Tea to cultivate the best inner you.

    NutraTea offers an extensive selection of Tea that have all been expertly formulated by a team with a wealth of knowledge and experience. These highly sought after combinations boast a unique blend of the finest and purest Botanicals with Herbs & Spices sustainably sourced from over twenty different countries; including Croatia, Sri Lanka, Japan and Brazil.

    Is NutraTea caffeine free?

    Most of the NutraTea range is caffeine free, however those that aren't include; Nutratrim, Nutraboost, Nutraglycemia, Nutravision, Nutraflow, Nutrajoint, Nutrabone, Nutralust & Nutralipid.

    Can I re-use my NutraTea tea bag?

    Yes! Each NutraTea tea bag is filled with two grams of herbal goodness, which delivers the greatest flavour and benefits possible. No compromise is made by trying to reduce the quantity of botanicals used, thus allowing for the tea bag to be reused throughout the day.

    I'm pregnant, can I drink NutraTea?

    Most herbal teas are considered safe to drink during Pregnancy, and may often can help to relieve discomforts such as nausea & bloating. However, it is strongly advise to seek medical consultation before making the choice to consume any NutraTea herbal infusions.

    Does NutraTea contain any artificial flavours or bulking agents?

    No! Unwilling to waver on quality, all NutraTea herbal tea bags are free-from artificial flavourings, oils and all those other nasties. Utilising only 100% natural botanicals, these tea bags do not contain any sort of bulking agent to fill them out.

    Why should I choose NutraTea?

    NutraTea's have been precisely tailored to deliver a range of health benefits and are unparalleled to those that you have tasted before. Each sip will be truly memorable as you experience our entirely natural, carefully crafted herbal remedy teas designed to rejuvenate.

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