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    Nutmeg is the ground spice of a dark-leaved evergreen tree known as Myristica fragrans. This brown-coloured spice originates from Indonesia and is said to enhance a variety of foods with its distinctive rich flavour.

    What flavour is nutmeg?


    It is said to have a warming, rich and woody aroma with hints of clove. It is bittersweet and complements both sweet and savoury recipes.

    What food is nutmeg used in?


    It is a key ingredient in many baked goods and seasonal beverages, such as muffins, gingerbread, fruit cake, eggnog, and mulled cider & wine. 

    What is the benefit of nutmeg?


    History tells us that nutmeg has been used in northern Arabia since the seventh century. And in Ancient Greek & Roman times, nutmeg was used as a brain stimulant. Today, nutmeg is still used in both Chinese and Western herbal medicine, where it is believed to improve blood circulation, reduce Insomnia and alleviate certain oral conditions

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