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    35 products

    New Era: A Generation of Mineral Cell Salts.

    After a long absence in the UK, we are pleased to announce the return of the New Era range.There are 18 Combination Mineral Cell Salts and 12 Single Mineral Cell salt formulations in the range, all with distinct Tissue Salts for your health.

    What's changed with the New Era range?

    New Era tablets still contain the original precisely diluted cell tissue salts that they once did back in 2013, however, they now they have a little added Biotin too, which is an important micro nutrient that enhances the products overall actions.

    I guess New Era have changed their production processes then?

    No! Far from it. In fact New Era Mineral Cell Salts are still prepared using the traditional 90 year old method of finely grinding and diluting mineral ingredients to tiny particles, a process known as trituration. They are also manufactured in a traditional patented manner that is unique to the New Era brand.

    So New Era is still really Dr Schuessler's cell salts?

    Yes! Each tablet contains the original New Era Cell or Tissue salts with which it has always been associated in the UK since early 1900's and still produced to Dr Schuessler’s formula.

    Why Biotin?

    Biotin additionally contributes to the maintenance of normal, healthy Skin and Hair and the normal healthy function of the nervous system, mucous membranes and metabolism.

    Are New Era products free from unnecessary additives?

    Yes! New Era products are produced from natural ingredients, which are free from colourings and chemical stabilisers.

    Are New Era products suitable for children?

    New Era Fast Melt tablets are completely safe and suitable for children, as are New Era Combination R - For Teething Age Infants 240 Tablets too!

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