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    Neocell - Super Bovine Collagen 

    Neocell is a bovine collagen based brand, launched back in 1998, featured heavily in the media, including appearances on ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's We Are Austin.

    Why Should I Be Taking Collagen Supplements?

    Neocell are keen to point out the importance of collagen to skin health, being the key element that creates elasticity in the skin, however the rise of the collagen supplement has largely been around its connection with joint health. A common tool for rheumatoid arthritis, collagen will help protect the integrity of the cartilage. Collagen naturally decreases in the body as we get older, while some studies have shown the supplementing with collagen can have a profound effect. Of course, beyond its ability to reduce joint pain, the other benefits include skin health, preventing bone loss and boosting muscle mass.

    What Type Of Collagen Do They Use?

    Neocell utilise bovine collagen, meaning it has come from beef and is a type 1 and type 3 collagen, highlighted as ideal for joint health. Another option open to you when looking at collagen options is marine based, meaning it comes from fish. If this is your preferred option then you should opt for the Neocell Marine Collagen. Neocell then hydrolyze the collagen to create peptides, which are smaller amino acid chains. The main reason for this is so it can easily be dissolved into a drink and easily consumed.

    How Do I Take The Powder?

    This is all down to personal preference, but you can easily mix the powder into a smoothie in the morning. Alternatively, you can mix it into your tea or coffee, or even a juice. You should try to take the collagen powder at the same time each day, so if you get into a routine of placing it in your morning tea then you should try to stick to this.

    Are Neocell Products Vegan?

    Unfortunately we have to say no. The collagen either comes from beef or fish, therefore there isn't a vegan alternative on the market at the moment.

    What Are Type 1 And Type 3?

    The proteins present in collagen serve multiple purposes in your body, while type 1 and 3 have similar properties, helping to support the skin and bone health, hair and nail maintenance and all the benefits highlighted above. Some of these include proline, glycine and alanine, of which we do sell on our website. The other type is 2, found in the cartilage, necessary for healthy joints.

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