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    10 products

    Neat Cleaning - Biodegradable & Plant Based Cleaning Products

    Neat Cleaning make simple and beautiful cleaning products that inspire us all to make sustainable choices. With no single use plastic and no need to ship water around the world, each plant based formula performs brilliantly on everyday Household tasks, and cuts down on waste too!

    Where are Neat cleaning products made?

    These products have all been assembled, filled and packaged right here in the UK. Their concentrated refills, which include the likes of Neat Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrated Refill - Grapefruit - 30ml and Neat Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrated Refill - Seagrass - 30ml, also come with a “Made in Britain” certification.

    Are Neat cleaning products vegan?

    Yes, they are. These products do not use any animal-derived raw materials. No animals are harmed in their formulation, testing or manufacturing processes.

    *At the time of writing Neat were working to get vegan certification.

    Which type of water is suitable for Neat cleaning products?

    Tap water is fine. You do not need to use filtered water. However, if you have a filter you can use filtered water if you prefer, just make sure it isn’t from a plastic bottle.

    Who are the target audience for Neat cleaning products?

    If you believe that small changes can make a big difference and people, the planet, and your wallet deserve better, then Neat cleaning products are definitely for you. Their 30ml concentrates make 500ml of cleaner. This should last as long as your regular 500ml bottle of multi-surface cleaner, depending on how frequently you use the product.

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