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    Naty by Nature: Environmentally friendly Babycare products.

    Naty by Nature's range of healthy, innovative and independently certified eco-friendly hygiene products are ideal for parents looking to use commodities on their babies that are free from nasty chemicals. As a market leader in the eco-friendly nappy segment, Naty by Nature offer an extensive selection of high performance Baby & Child care products that are friendlier on nature, healthier for your little one, and offer outstanding performance, every time!

    What are Naty by Nature nappies made out of?

    Naty by Nature nappies are made of cornstarch plastic and other natural ingredients wherever possible. They differ to regular brands of Nappies as they are free from oil based plastics, and instead, consist of chlorine free pulp to help with absorption.

    Are Naty by Nature nappies 100% biodegradable?

    While Naty by Nature nappies are not 100% biodegradable yet, the steps during production in which Naty have taken do provide you with one of the finest environmentally friendly nappies on the market.

    Which size of Naty by Nature nappy should I choose for my child?

    The sizing of Naty by Nature nappies is in line with other leading brands of disposable nappies in the market place. This is as follows:

    • 1 - Newborn, 2-5 kg or 4-11 lbs.
    • 2 - Mini, 3-6 kg or 6-13 lbs.
    • 3 - Midi, 4-9 kg or 9-20 lbs.
    • 4 - Maxi, 7-18 kg or 15-40 lbs.
    • 4+ - Maxi Plus, 9-20 kg or 20-44 lbs.
    • 5 - Junior, 11-25 kg or 24-55 lbs.
    • 6 - Extra Large, 16+ kg or 35+ lbs.

    Why do Naty by Nature offer both scented & unscented baby wipes?

    While nearly all of the Nature by Nature product range is completely unscented, including their Toiletries and nappies, they do offer a lightly scented wipe due to consumer demand. These Baby Wipes are still based on natural viscose and are biodegradable just like all the other Naty by Nature wipes.

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