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    If you're wondering "What is the healthiest sweetener out there?" then discover the Natures Healthbox range and buy the best selection of natural sweeteners online. Whether you're looking for a healthy Sugar alternative for your home-made cakes or simply something to sweeten your Hot Beverages with, we've got you covered.

    Is there a safe natural sweetener?

    Yes! Natural sweeteners like Agave syrup, Honey or molasses are certainly less harmful than regular sugar but you should still always remember to use them sparingly.

    What is the safest sweetener instead of sugar?

    Depending on what you read, you will certainly notice that most nutritionists agree that the safest sugar substitutes are xylitol, erythritol or stevia leaf extract.

    What can I use instead of sugar?

    You may wish to consider trying maple syrup, Coconut palm sugar or honey in place of sugar.

    Which is the best natural sweetener?

    Here at Natures Healthbox we won't go as far as to tell you what the best natural sweetener is. Because after all, what may work in one recipe or tickle the taste buds of one individual does not necessarily mean it will do the same in/for another. What we can say is our unrivalled selection of natural sweeteners have been sourced from only the best natural & organic brands within the current market, so whatever you decide to choose from you'll know it's a high quality product.

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