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    Nairn's: Oaty Goodness From the Scottish Borders.

    Our unrivalled and versatile range of oatcakes, oat Biscuits, oat bakes and Gluten Free products from Nairn's are free from artificial colourings, flavours & preservatives. In fact Nairn’s use only the very best natural ingredients, which include whole grain Oats grown in the nearby Scottish Borders (with the exception of gluten free) where the climate is perfect for slowly ripening the Grains.

    Are Nairn oatcakes from Nairn?

    Our selection of Nairn's oatcakes have been made in Edinburgh for over 80 years.

    Are Nairn's oat biscuits healthy?

    When choosing a biscuit to enjoy on your office break, you shouldn't have to sacrifice on flavour for something healthy. But with that said, it certainly takes great skill to find the perfect recipe for a crumbly, satisfying biscuit with less sugar than your regular sweet biscuit, however we think Nairn's may have cracked it with their award winning range of oat biscuits.

    What is the benefits of eating oats?

    Wholegrain oats have not been processed into flour, and this brings a number of health benefits for our bodies;

    • Wholegrain oats are naturally gluten free.
    • Wholegrain oats are high in fibre - Oats are an easy & delicious way to add fibre to your day to help maintain a healthy digestive system.
    • Wholegrain oats are good for Heart Health - Oats are a rich source of beta-glucans, a rich source of soluble fibre, proven to help reduce Cholesterol as part of a healthy, balanced diet.
    • Oats are naturally energising - Because wholegrain oats are not highly processed it takes a while for our digestive system to break down & absorb the carbohydrates. The result – slow release energy which can help fill you up & stop you feeling the peaks + dips of a blood sugar rush.
    • Whole grain oats contain natural Vitamins & Minerals - Flours can be stripped of their nutrients as part of the refining process, but this doesn’t happen to the Nairn's oats, which are unrefined & minimally processed.

    Who is Nairn's?

    Nairn's is an Edinburgh based company who passionately care about the Food they produce. They work extremely hard to ensure that all the goodness of oats, such as an array of complex carbohydrates, fully remain in all their naturally energising products, without ever compromising on taste.

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