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    The First Choice for Functional Wellness CBD Drinks


    Meda Human is a leading CBD functional wellness drinks brand that works closely with a premium UK CBD supplier who leads the way in helping farmers grow a sustainable supply of organic industrial hemp. Not only do their drinks contain nutrients, adaptogens, Nootropics and micro encapsulated CBD for optimal absorption and effectiveness, they have already proved a hit among many of London’s biggest bars and restaurants.

    What does Meda Human make?


    They have five drinks within their range – Relax, Glow, Energy, Night and Recover – and each one contains 20mg of best-in-class micro encapsulated broad-spectrum CBD for maximum absorption, rapid delivery and effectiveness.

    What is CBD?


    For more information on CBD, please check out our blog 'CBD: Cannabidol Claptrap or Super Supplement?'.

    What makes Meda Human stand out?


    They took a very considered approach to creating a brand that would have wide appeal and accessibility and prioritise education around CBD and their products. They’ve been very careful to make branding decisions that help to steer consumers into a wellness direction, away from cannabis imagery and problematic brand names that are more associated with the intoxicating parts of the plant. That’s why Meda Human opted for broad spectrum CBD, containing not only cannabidiol, but other minor cannabinoids, flavonoids terpenes, and no hidden extras that may alter the senses. They have avoided using cannabis imagery and a name that would be associated with the more problematic compound that has made product education so critical.

    How did the Meda Human brand start?


    Adam Feldheim launched Meda Human in 2019. Having worked most of his career in investment banking in London and New York city, he understood high-pressure and fast-paced environments came hand-in-hand with burnout and fatigue. He took supplements to combat these effects and improve his wellbeing but always found them a little overwhelming. Whilst spending time with his family in California he discovered CBD, nootropics and functional adaptogens. He wondered if he could help people introduce wellness into their everyday routine using these three amazing ingredients, and set out to create a drink to simplify and improve the accessibility of them to a wider audience. To this day, Adam loves the fact that he was able to set up a brand that could make a difference, helping people to live more mindfully and healthier lifestyles.

    Who are Medahuman's target consumers?


    They are ideal for those who live a stressful and fast-paced lifestyle. The beauty of Meda Human is that it delivers solutions across various need states and is relevant for consumption throughout the day. For example Meda Human Energy is ideal in the morning before a workout but Meda Human Recover is better served after it for an afternoon pick-me-up. If you find it difficult to stay calm, focussed and centred, Medahuman is for you.

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