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    Baby Meal Pots

    Preparing a homemade meal is always best for growing little ones, but for times when it is simply not possible, Natures Healthbox offer a range of organic Baby Packet & Meal Pot Ready Meals that offer a delicious and healthy way to experiment with challenging textures & flavours. Each of these Food pots are 100% natural with no added flavourings, colourings, preservatives or salt. 

    Why are vegetables important for babies?

    Recent medical research concluded that babies who eat a wide variety of vegetables during complementary feeding, will go on to eat more vegetables in later childhood. This is why all of our Baby Meal Pots (below) contain a wide variety of the finest organic fruit & vegetables to help nourish your baby.

    Is organic baby food healthy?

    Yes! By consuming organic produce, like our Baby Meal Pots, means your baby is exposed to fewer pesticides, artificial preservatives, fertilisers & additives, and manufactured herbicides.

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