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    Is there a manganese supplement?

    Yes, and at Natures Healthbox we have more than just one! So if you're looking for the best manganese supplements around, look no further than our selection below.

    What does manganese do for the body?

    Manganese is a trace mineral required by the Body for bone development, the absorption of vital nutrients, maintaining the regular functions of the body's enzymes, and for the healing of wounds. It is mostly found in the liver, kidneys, Bones and pancreas

    Manganese also helps the body form connective tissues, bones  and sex hormones.

    What food has the most manganese?

    Food sources of manganese include whole grains, legumes, Nuts & SeedsTea and green, leafy vegetables.

    What are manganese supplements good for?

    Manganese supplements have a history of use in the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. They may also benefit those individuals with high levels of Cholesterol too!

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