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    Macushield: The UK's Most Recommended Eye Supplement.

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    What is MacuShield used for?

    Macushield is a range of dietary Eye Health Supplements that combines the 3 macular carotenoids: Meso-Zeaxanthin (10mg), Zeaxanthin (2mg) and Lutein (10mg). Scientific research shows that these three nutrients are found at the back of the eye, at the macula, where they form the macular pigment (yellow colour). We get these three nutrients exclusively from our diet, with lutein and zeaxanthin coming from brightly coloured fruits & dark green leafy vegetables, and the Meso-zeaxanthin coming from some types of Fish and seafood.

    Is MacuShield any good?

    Yes, we think so! There are presently four research centres around the world which are dedicated to fully understanding the three aforementioned active ingredients in Macushield, and identifying therapy areas where they can be used. There are now over 330 studies in this area. Macushield's research still continues today too, where they invest their time in both the safety and stability trials of the Macushield range to ensure the underlying safety of these products, and also in new areas of potential for the abundant nutrients found within them.

    What is the difference between MacuShield and MacuShield gold?

    Macushield Eye Supplement Capsules and Macushield Gold Eye Supplements both contain the three previously mentioned macular carotenoids. However, in addition, the Macushield Gold also contains a high-dose blend of zinc, copper and Vitamins C & E. With the introduction of Macushield Gold and other forthcoming supplements for more specific groups of people in the pipeline; MacuShield is a brand really going from strength-to-strength!

    Can diabetics take eye vitamins?

    Yes! Both Macushield Original and Macushield Gold do not contain any sucrose (sugar) and can therefore be taken by diabetics.

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