Macadamia Nuts

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    Macadamia nuts are the fruits produced by the evergreen macadamia trees, which grow in the subtropical areas of Australia, Brazil, Hawaii, the Middle Americas and South Africa. They're extremely versatile and very easy to incorporate into most diets.

    What do macadamia nuts taste like?


    They have a rich and creamy butter-like flavour to them, which is said to be similar to the flesh of a fresh coconut. 

    Are macadamia nuts good for you?


    Some have cited the macadamia nut as a superfood, and with a rich source of Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, fibre, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) it is hard to dispute this claim. The purported health benefits of the macadamia nut centre around Heart Health and weight loss, with some studies suggesting that they may help to lower Cholesterol.

    How can I use macadamia nuts in cooking?


    Macadamia nuts are a staple of the popular white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. They can also be used in other home-baked goods and salads.

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