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    Lavera UK: 100% Certified natural personal care.

    Lavera has been setting trends for certified natural cosmetics for well over thirty years. Their quality seals are the proof of this, and demonstrate the high quality used in each and every stage of production. 

    Is Lavera a good brand?

    Yes, absolutely! The core principles behind Lavera, meaning "truth", are pioneering spirit, a passion and deep conviction that true care for skin and Hair is found solely in nature. Lavera is 100 % certified natural cosmetics, roughly 95% vegan, and was among the top five in 2016 in the German Sustainability Awards for the category of most sustainable brand.

    Does Lavera contain parabens?

    No! All Lavera products are paraben free.

    Is Lavera cruelty free?

    As manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics, it goes without saying that animal testing is not compatible with Lavera's mindset and company philosophy. They adhere to strict guidelines for controlled organic and natural cosmetics of the international NATURE standard and to the binding guidelines of the EU Cosmetic Regulation.

    Where are Lavera products made?

    Lavera is a family-run medium-sized company, based in Hanover, Germany.

    What does facial toner do?

    Both Lavera Purifying Facial Toner 125ml and Lavera Gentle Facial Toner 125ml removes final remnants of a cleansing product, along with any loose skin cells remaining on the surface. They also contain high-quality moisturising factors which remain on your skin after use. This enables the active ingredients of the subsequent Lavera care creams to be absorbed more effectively by your skin.

    How can I make my lips more attractive?

    Why not try one in our large collection of Lavera Glossy Lips, which create fine highlights on your lips and let them shine.

    Is it worth switching to natural deodorant?

    You may wish to give it a go! After all, thanks to naturally-derived active ingredients, Lavera Deodorants provide mild deodorant protection without preventing natural perspiration.

    What is organic alcohol in skincare?

    Lavera uses organic alcohol or aqueous alcohol extracts in their products. Among other purposes, alcohol serves to dissolve water-insoluble substances from plants and also has deodorant properties. What's more, it is used as part of Lavera's system of natural preservatives, as we do not use any synthetic preservatives in our natural cosmetics.

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