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    Iodine Supplements UK

    Where to buy iodine UK?

    If you're wondering where you can get the best iodine supplements from in the UK, then look no further than Natures Healthbox. From capsules to tablets, and even an easy-to-swallow liquid spray for your children, we have an extensive selection of iodine Supplements from the best loved brands.

    What is iodine good for?

    Iodine is required by the human Body for growth and proper thyroid gland function. Thyroid hormones help to keep cells and the metabolic rate healthy. Because of the crucial role that iodine plays in in foetal development, it is advised that pregnant women consume 250 micrograms of iodine daily. 

    What food must you eat if you lack iodine?

    Good dietary sources of iodine include Kelp, shellfish and egg & dairy products.

    What supplements are high in iodine?

    Lamberts Iodine 150mcg 180 Tablets provide a full 150µg of iodine in each and every tablet.

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