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    Natural Insect & Mosquito Repellents

    The Incognito brand, a name synonymous with quality and effectiveness, is your go-to solution for protection against mosquito bites. Combining cutting-edge research with natural ingredients, Incognito creates a unique product line dedicated to keeping you safe from irritating bites and potential vector-borne diseases.

    The core philosophy of Incognito lies in their commitment to health and environmental responsibility. Their products, crafted using the best of Mother Nature, are testament to this commitment. With an emphasis on 'less mosquito', Incognito stands as a champion in the realm of natural and ethical products that not only safeguard human health, but also the planet's wellbeing.

    One of Incognito's highly acclaimed offerings is their mosquito repellent spray. It's a DEET-free formula, harnessing the power of natural ingredients to deter not just mosquitoes, but also ticks, sandflies, and other biting insects. It's designed to be suitable for all ages, including children and individuals with sensitive skin, and is known for its non-greasy feel and pleasant, non-invasive scent.

    Why is Incognito a DEET Free Formula?

    Incognito, as a brand, prioritises the use of natural ingredients in their products, and their commitment to environmental sustainability and individual health is at the core of this decision.

    DEET, while being an effective insect repellent, is a synthetic chemical that has been associated with potential health concerns, particularly when used in high concentrations or for extended periods. Some people may experience skin irritations or, in rare cases, more serious side effects. Furthermore, it's been found to have a detrimental impact on some types of wildlife and water sources when it enters the ecosystem.

    By offering a DEET-free formula, Incognito provides a natural, safer alternative for customers, particularly those with sensitive skin or who are concerned about the potential environmental impacts of DEET. Incognito's natural ingredients, such as citronella and eucalyptus, are known to repel insects effectively, providing comparable protection to DEET-based products, while aligning with the brand's environmentally-friendly ethos.

    What Are the Active Ingredients in Incognito?

    Incognito utilises PMD, also known as oil of lemon eucalyptus, as its principal active ingredient. This component is sourced from a plant and comprises purely natural and organic constituents. PMD operates by effectively masking the body's kairomones, which are metabolic by-products that can attract insects. Owing to its gentle formulation, it's appropriate for use by individuals with sensitive skin, expectant mothers, and infants aged over 3 months.

    When Should I Apply Incognito?

    The frequency of Incognito application is closely linked to an individual's Body chemistry. Both Incognito Insect Repellent Roll-On 50ml and Incognito Mosquito & Insect Spray 100ml tend to last for up to five hours however if you are an easy target for mosquitoes, regular application and a greater use of the Incognito range should be considered.

    What are the Top Selling Incognito Products?

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