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    Hipp Organic: Organic baby food & formula milk to feed your little ones.

    Hipp has been growing organic since day one. They believe in producing the highest quality, organic recipes to leave your little ones happy, healthy and of course, feeling Hipp!

    What is HiPP Organic formula?

    Simply put, Hipp Organic formulas are a nutritionally complete, whey based, infant milk that is made from organically grown and sustainably sourced ingredients. Each product is packaged in the most sustainable way possible too!

    Is HiPP Organic Formula good?

    Yes, we think so! Hipp have developed their organic formulas using over 50 years of nutritional research and the best organic ingredients they can find. The result is the best organic formula milk for your baby. 

    Is HiPP Organic easier to digest?

    Not only are Hipp Organic products made to exceptionally high standards using the best quality organic ingredients, but babies really like them too. A whopping 97% of parents say their babies seem happier with Hipp!*

    *Based on a sample of 739 parents surveyed between January 2017 and October 2019.

    Does HiPP formula contain DHA?

    Hipp infant formulas are fortified with DHA and ARA (omega-6), as recommended by worldwide nutritional experts. Breast milk also contains both ARA & DHA, which promote healthy brain & visual development.

    Do you have to boil water for HiPP formula?

    Yes! Water should be boiled to kill any bacteria that may be present within it. You should then mix the chosen Hipp Organic formula within thirty minutes of boiling the water, and then cool the bottle by holding it under a running tap of cold water.

    Why is HiPP Organic different?

    For 4 generations, the Hipp family has gone that little bit further to take care of life’s little things; the things that they believe really matter. It’s why Hipp pioneered organic farming and has been doing it sustainably for over 60 years, to feed your little ones and protect their future, because they’ve always known working with Mother Nature is best for the planet.

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