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    Award Winning, Drug-Free, Non-Drowsy Allergen Barrier Balm.

    HayMax was started by Max Wiseberg, who had suffered from hayfever all his life. Max had tried all available remedies for his hayfever with limited or no success, until coming across what later became HayMax. It was simple and it worked! 

    HayMax helps to reduce the incidence of allergens in the body which cause hay fever, dust and pet allergies. Unlike pharmaceutical products, HayMax has no drowsy side effects and no prescription is required.

    What allergies can Haymax help with?

    Haymax can help with a variery of allergies. The most common allergies that Haymax fights against are Hayfever and pet and dust allergies.

    How does Haymax work?

    It is very simple.  HayMax acts as a trap – or a blocker. HayMax applied to the bottom of the nose traps some of the pollen, dust or pet allergen before it enters the body. If there is less allergen in the body, there is less for the body to react against. 

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