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    For Treatment & Prevention of Allergic Symptoms

    The Fusion Allergy collection showcases entirely organic components and medication-free allergy solutions for every family member. Opt for natural approaches to address seasonal, pet, and household allergies, empowering you to regain control and fully enjoy your favourite activities.

    Three Allergy Relief Techniques with Fusion Allergy:

    Eyes - Discover comfort with a revitalising eye mask or spray, created to ease sore eyes.

    Nose - Employ a simple-to-use nasal spray to cease itchiness and streaming noses.

    Throat - Enjoy calming lozenges that form a moisturising protective layer, easing symptoms.

    How Do Fusion Allergy Products Work?

    Fusion Allergy products are crafted using the natural component, Ectoin. Ectoin functions by constructing a moisture-rich barrier on the mucous membranes within your nostrils, as well as the inner lining of your mouth and throat. This protective layer safeguards cells from allergens, consequently diminishing histamine release and alleviating allergy-related symptoms.

    What is Ectoin?

    Ectoin is a defensive molecule exhibiting anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic characteristics. It is a naturally produced molecule, originating from microorganisms discovered in extreme environments such as deserts and salt lakes - some of the most inhospitable locations on Earth.

    Can Children Use Fusion Allergy Products?

    Indeed, numerous products within the Fusion Allergy collection are appropriate for children's use, such as the soothing eye mask and eye mist. Be sure to carefully review the patient information leaflet and packaging prior to utilising the products.

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