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    Since their inception in 2008, Fushi Wellbeing have pioneered the highest ethical standards, producing hand blended, earth friendly, Beauty & Skincare products. Fushi stay true to their values and support developing communities and growers, which helps them provide sustainable ingredients for their award-winning products which enhance the wellbeing of you, their consumers.

    Is Fushi Wellbeing vegan?

    Yes! Over 90% of Fushi Wellbeing UK products are vegan registered too!

    Is Fushi Wellbeing cruelty free?

    Yes! Fushi Wellbeing is Leaping Bunny cruelty free certified.

    Where are Fushi Wellbeing products made?

    Everything is manufactured fresh in Fushi's London based workshop. 

    Why are Fushi's hair & body care range so popular?

    Fushi's Body and Hair Care range has been formulated with mild natural detergents and is free from all harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients. Each product contains ingredients that are sustainably and responsibly sourced and include organic ingredients wherever possible. 

    And what about Fushi's Oils?

    Fushi have fast become renowned for their extensive selection of organic, cold pressed and unrefined oils, which are all are organically certified by the Soil Association. Cold pressed oil is a method of mechanical extraction, the only heat produced during this process is the natural heat created by the friction. This depends on the hardness of the nut or the seed and the harder the nut, the more pressure required to extract the oil which in turn creates more friction and heat. No external heat is applied to this process whatsoever (this helps the oil maintain its original state, constituents and depth).

    Why should I choose Fushi Wellbeing?

    Fushi Wellbeing has become one of the fastest growing British health brands with over 100 products sourced from the world’s most ethical producers. Sourcing ethically is Fushi Wellbeing's first & foremost priority, which is why they have consistently had the highest rating by the Ethical Company Organisation in the past ten years. They are committed to giving back to Mother Nature and have recently launched the "Tree for Eternity" campaign by setting aside a percentage of their profits for Tree Aid (a UK charity that uses trees to alleviate poverty & promote self reliance in some of the poorest regions of rural Africa).

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