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    Fruit teas are infusions made from cut pieces of plants & fruits, which are either dried or fresh. They are naturally sweet and can be consumed hot or cold at any time of the day.

    Is fruit tea actually tea?


    To be honest, no, fruit tea isn't tea at all because it is not made from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. The proper word for fruit tea is 'tisane', however over the years 'fruit tea' appears to have been adopted purely out of convenience.

    Is it okay to drink fruit tea everyday?


    Fruit tea is full of Vitamins and Minerals, not to mention high traces of antioxidants, which are ideal for those looking to keep their body strong and immune health in tip top working condition. If you consume a lot of fizzy drinks in a week fruit teas are a far healthier alternative, however like fizzy drinks, some do pose the risk of an increased risk of tooth erosion due to their acidity content.

    What is the best time to drink fruit tea?


    There is no right or wrong answer here, and if you ask a fruit tea connoisseur they would be able to argue the benefits for drinking a cup of fruit tea in the morning as much as they could for drinking a cup in the evening. With that said however, most people tend to consume fruit tea approximately thirty minutes after food, so whether you choose to have yours after breakfast, lunch or after your evening meal is entirely up to you.

    Is fruit tea better than normal tea?


    Unlike traditional tea, fruit tea benefits from being entirely caffeine free as it is not made from tea leaves. So, unless stated (in some cases fruit teas may be blended with pure tea), each fruit tea above has no caffeine whatsoever.

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