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    Baby Food Pouches

    Preparing a homemade meal is always best for your baby but when this is not possible the Natures Healthbox range of pre-prepared organic Food pouches have you covered. You will find a selection of baby meal pouches that help support your family's busy lifestyle and offer convenience for those parents and their babies who are on their travels or out & about.

    Are pouches safe for babies?

    Yes! As long as you're constantly supervising your baby during feeding with a baby food pouch, then they should pose no threat. What's more is the contents of each of our baby food pouches are full of the finest natural & organic ingredients.

    Can babies eat straight from pouches?

    Yes! However, where possible try to always serve them in a baby bowl or plate. But if you're introducing solids to your baby while on-the-go, our selection of spoon feeding pouch purees can be a suitable option.

    Can I take baby food pouches on a plane?

    Yes! When travelling your baby you're allowed to take squeezable, baby food pouches for the journey.

    *For further details, we recommend that you check with your nearest airport or the airline you're travelling with before you jet off*


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