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    Floradix: Health, vitality & wellbeing for all the family!

    Floradix is a range of liquid Iron Supplements, herbal Tea bags, and refreshing Herbal Sweets.

    Is Floradix organic?

    Floradix is produced using only the best available ingredients, many of which are obtained through organic cultivation.

    Is Floradix a good brand?

    Yes, we think so! The Floradix concept of healthy living has always had at its heart, the notion that a high regard for nature and the welfare of man go hand in hand. Floradix's range of liquid Supplements, herbal teas and tablets are available for a healthy way of life in which we take responsibility for our own well-being. The highest standards of quality, social responsibility and environmental protection in plant cultivation and production guarantee that Floradix helps people as well as protect nature and the environment.

    How can I make Floradix taste better?

    To facilitate absorption and make Floradix taste better, you may wish to add it to Mineral Water or fruit juices that are rich in Vitamin C.

    Why do I need to keep Floradix Liquid Supplements in the fridge?

    Floradix Liquid Supplements do not contain alcohol or preservatives and should therefore be kept in the refrigerator after use to maintain their quality.

    What is Floradix Intestcare good for?

    Floradix IntestCare Liquid Herbal Formula 250ml helps to support Digestion & Gut Health whereas the contained Magnesium contributes to the normal muscle function and to the normal electrolyte balance.

    Is it OK to take Floradix?

    Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 500ml is best taken on an empty stomach unless you are particularly sensitive to Iron supplements, in which case, try taking with Food.

    Where is Floradix made?

    Floradix is manufactured by Salus-Haus; a Bavarian company with over 90 years experience. From humble beginnings, Salus-Haus has grown to employ over 400 people at their headquarters in Bruckmühl, where the company plays an integral part of the local community.

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