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    Fish 4 Ever: Ethically Souced Tuna, Sardines & Mackerel

    Fish 4 Ever canned Fish products are fished locally, landed fresh, and prepared to the highest quality standards. Working from the whole fish, Fish 4 Ever add only the finest organic ingredients such as first cold pressed extra virgin Oil, local volcanic spring water, and distinctive flavoursome sauces.

    Sustainable tinned fish is a delicious treat at any time, which is why Fish 4 Ever have gone on to sell millions of products across the UK, Ireland and Europe. They promise their consumers the very best quality always, which is why they quickly can all of their products to seal in those extra organic Ingredients and gourmet flavours.

    Who are Fish 4 Ever?

    Founded in 2001 on the idea of bringing Organic values to sustainability in fish, Fish 4 Ever have been providing delicious premium canned fish to their large consumer base ever since. Part of the Organico Real Foods Company, Fish 4 Ever believe in delivering not only the highest-quality and most sustainably sourced fish, but also fantastically creative homemade style recipes using the finest organic ingredients.

    Fish 4 Ever's holistic, all-encompassing approach, is both real and comprehensive, focusing on land, sea and people, supporting not only the best possible fishing practices, but also the communities and small boats that enact them.

    What is meant by the term 'ethical fishing'?

    Ethical fishing means great taste! Fish 4 Ever sources fish caught by artisan or MSC-fishers who respect the sea. In fact everything is MSC-certified except for (currently) their Tuna and anchovy products. Their tuna is fished by small-family artisan fishers in Senegal, Namibia and the Azores, while their Anchovies come from a family company in the Mediterranean that have been fishing for generations.

    Why is regular fish consumption important?

    We should consume at least three portions of fish per week but with busy lives it’s sometimes hard to plan ahead and fresh fish can go off quickly. Oily fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon and anchovies are high in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and a great source of Vitamin D. Fish 4 Ever canned fish is a great alternative, quick, easy and convenient!

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