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    Organic & Gluten Free Savoury Snacks 

    Since 1918, Fiorentini Alimentari has been steadfastly committed to fulfilling the quest for well-being through the power of taste. Originating as a specialty and ethnic food shop in the heart of Italy, Fiorentini has evolved with the times, honing its expertise and growing its capacity to become the market leader it is today.

    Fiorentini's product range now centres around the creation of savoury cakes and snacks, with a keen emphasis on incorporating wholesome ingredients like cereals, legumes, and vegetables. Their offerings are not only a testament to the brand's commitment to health and well-being, but also a reflection of their continued dedication to bringing joy through food.

    Their journey from a humble food shop to a preeminent producer in the food industry is not just a story of growth, but also a testament to their ability to adapt and innovate. At the heart of Fiorentini's evolution is a deep-seated respect for tradition, coupled with an unwavering passion for quality and excellence.

    What Can I Snack on All Day?

    You may wish to give Fiorentini snacks a try, which have far less fat than similar traditional products. In time you will quickly realise that you don’t have to give up taste to stay fit and have a healthy diet, for taste has never been so light!

    Are Fiorentini Products Gluten Free?

    Yes! The range of Fiorentini products are all yeast and Gluten Free but do not lack in fundamental flavours, which should make them extremely popular with you & your family.

    Is Fiorentini Sustainable?

    Yes, we think so! Fiorentini's production facility is equipped with an innovative Energy Recovery System, which recycles and saves energy with a low emission impact. It is also surrounded by 10,000 sq. m of greenery too, in which over 100 trees have been planted.

    Where is Fiorentini Made?

    Fiorentini produces their products in Turin, Italy. In fact, the Italian quality of these products (below) has allowed Fiorentini to expand and succeed both in Italy and now here in Great Britain.

    What are Fiorentini's Best-Selling Products?

    The top-selling Fiorentini products at Nature's Healthbox include the following:

    Fiorentini Organic Buckwheat Cakes 100g

    Fiorentini Organic Mini Mais Snack Tomato & Basil 50g

    Fiorentini Organic Quinoa Cakes 120g

    Fiorentini Organic Rice Cakes 120g

    Fiorentini Organic Pop's Buckwheat Crisp's 80g - Pack of 4

    Why should I choose Fiorentini?

    Fiorentini strongly believes in the winning mix between conscious work and quality. Aside from the high quality of their healthy snack range, what allows Fiorentini Alimentari to be so highly regarded outside of its native Italy is that they listen to their consumers. Continuous attention and care, starting from the selection of the raw materials, innovation, and appealing packaging are just some of Fiorentini’s many successful moves. This family company, now in its fourth generation, is present in 55 countries worldwide.

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